Working Around Students' Level of Concern in the Inclusive Classroom

In this amazing event, Professor Joaquín Triandafilide will take you through how much the student cares about the Learning process will directly impact the final degree of learning they achieve. This is an example of how emotions can increase learning. In this talk we will look at Consequences, Visibility, Time and Help as techniques to be used in class for controlling the students’ level of concern, specially regarding students with special educational needs.

Professor Triandafilide has an MA in Applied Linguistics and Neuroeducator, currently pursuing doctoral studies in Disabilities and Life Style at Universidad Favaloro, Argentina Joaquín devotes most of his time to teacher training and school mentoring programs in Chile and Latin America. He's a member of the Japan Association of Language Teachers, co-organizer of the Conference on Bilingual Education (2020-2021) as well as a local promoter of the Brain Awareness Initiative as a Dana Foundation Partner in Latin America. He has recently launched a Diploma in Neuroscience and TEYL together with BUKKU Education. He is the founding Director of Asociación Chilena de Neuroaprendizaje.

Venue: Zoom


Speakers: Joaqun Triandafilide

Event Dates:

  • Saturday, September 18, 2021 - 10h00 - 11h30