BT Teachers' Month - Challenges and opportunities in the Online teaching scenario in 2020

COVID 19 and the inherent consequences in our professiopnals lives have pushed many ELT professionals to start teaching online in ways that were far from ideal. Aiming to help in this transition, the Online Teaching SIG invited two amazing teachers to share their experience in keeping with being an updated and organised ELT online professional.

Webinar #1: Being a successful online teacher: practical ideas to get organized and boost your lessons. (2 hours)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers had to migrate to remote classes overnight, without any preparation, training, or ideas on how to do it. Within a short period of time, educators were immersed in a completely new and unknown world, full of platforms, software, and online tools. What once seemed overwhelming has become lighter and many of them have decided to set up their own online businesses. This webinar aims at helping new online teacherpreneurs to take their businesses to the next level through practical ideas on how to be organized, as well as delivering online lessons that promote students' learning in a creative, engaging and interactive way.


Ana Carolina Martins holds a bachelor’s degree in Languages (Portuguese-English) from UFRJ, as well as certificates awarded by Cambridge University: the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) and  TKTs (Teaching Knowledge Tests) modules 1, 2, 3, KAL, CLIL, and YLE.

She has been teaching English for over 10 years now, and in 2017 she decided to run her own business. On the Road English Language Solutions was founded in partnership with her husband, who is also an English teacher. Ana has been teaching adults online since 2018, mainly Business English and international exam preparation.

Webinar # 2: Teaching young learners online: getting practical (1 hour, tops 90 mins for breastfeeding reasons)

Teaching children was challenging enough before COVID-19. A young learner educator in any scenario needs to consider and teach the whole child, supporting not only their cognitive skills, but also motor, socio-emotional and life skills.

When we thought we had discovered an effective formula to teach and interact with children in a room, the pandemic scenario turned even the most experienced teacher into a first year educator.

The new reality made the whole teaching community quickly learn, adapt and more than anything connect to master new strategies to overcome the (many) upcoming challenges that the online world brought us.

Join me in this webinar to connect deeper with the young learner teaching community, learn and share effective strategies to teach children English online.


Bia (@hellosimpleenglish) loves teaching children through play. She helps young learners develop  their cognitive, motor, social-emotional and life skills in English in a fun way since she started, 10 years ago.

Bia has been a teacher trainer since 2016, holds a degree in Letras - português & Inglês, and has created her own language learning program for kids, Hello Simple English.

Venue: Online Youtube

Participants: English Teachers, Letras Student, Education Student, Public School Teacher, Foreigner, etc ...

Speakers: Ana Carolina Martins, Bia (@hellosimpleenglish)

Event Dates:

  • Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm