BT Teachers' Month - Connecting the dots between pronunciation instruction and students' production

Half-way into 2020 and we still find ourselves struggling to approach pronunciation in the classroom, either because we, teachers of English, have not been properly taught pronunciation, or because we have not had formal instruction on how to teach it to our learners. In this event, the Pronunciation SIG will explore some of the underpinning reasons why we should teach (and learn!) pronunciation, share practical tips to do so and analyse how this will positively impact our language lessons. 


● Pronunciation Teaching: Lessons from the Lockdown (Mark Hancock and T. Veigga)
● Adapting pronunciation activities to an online environment (Carol Gonçalves and Sue Cons)
● It's all about sounds: ​-ed endings in regular verbs, a tactile proposal (Thelma Marques)

Moderators​: Vinícius Tavares, Carol Gonçaves and Sue Cons
Pronunciation Teaching: Lessons from the Lockdown

During the lockdown, many of us had to take our classes online. This meant adapting our approaches because many of our usual techniques would not work so well in this new environment. But was it all bad? In this session, we will share some of the lessons we learnt about teaching pronunciation which helped during the lockdown, but which may also be of value once face to face teaching returns.

It's all about sounds: ​-ed endings in regular verbs, a tactile proposal Sometimes students have a hard time trying to pronounce ​-ed endings correctly. Only "listen and
repeat" seems not to be enough. By feeling sounds, comparing L1 and the target language and using mnemonic devices we can aid memory and learning to hopefully make students overcome this pronunciation barrier. In this hands-on session you will need two A4 size sheets of paper, some pens or crayons and a pair of scissors to make your own pronunciation kit.

Mark Hancock
Mark Hancock is a teacher, trainer and author based in the UK. He holds an MA in Teaching English from Aston University. His books include Pronunciation Games (CUP 1995), English Pronunciation in Use (CUP 2003), Authentic Listening in Practice (DELTA 2014, with Annie McDonald) and PronPack 1-4 (Hancock McDonald ELT 2017). He also runs the teacher resource websites: and (with Annie McDonald).

T. Veigga
T. Veigga is Trinity CertTESOL tutor, teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer based in Rio. He holds a BA in Languages (UFRJ), a Specialisation in Media-Education (PUC- Rio), the CPE,and Delta Modules 1 and 2, currently working on module 3. An active member of the ELT community, T. is part of the BRAZ-TESOL advisory council and has been a pedagogical coordinator for BrELT since 2015.

Thelma Marques
Thelma Marques has many years' experience in teaching EFL. She holds a B.A. in Languages (UNIBERO) and a CELTA. She is an innovative and dynamic teacher, has already given a number of workshops in the field of pronunciation and taken several pronunciation courses in Brazil, in the UK and in Australia. She works as an online tutor and is always looking for opportunities to develop professionally.

Carol Gonçalves
Carol Gonçalves has taught English since 2002 and has been working at SBCI for 13 years. She holds a CPE, a BA in Languages (UFRJ) and a Specialization in English Teaching (UFMG). She is a member of BRAZ-TESOL Pronunciation SIG committee and Rio Chapter Advisory Board. Her main interests are Phonology, World Englishes and Materials writing for the classroom.

Sue Cons

Sue has been a teacher for 20 years. She holds the TKTs and CPE certificates, a BA in IT, Lato Sensu Graduate Studies in both Teaching and Learning a Foreign Language and in Transformative Education: Pedagogy, Fundamentals and Practices. Her main interests are EdTech, English accents and teacher CPD.

Venue: Online

Participants: English Teachers, Letras Student, Education Student, Public School Teacher, Foreigner, etc ...

Speakers: Mark Hancock and T. Veigga, Carol Gonçalves and Sue Cons, Thelma Marques

Event Dates:

  • Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 13:00-17:00